Sep 30, 2014

Civitel Olympic is now a member of the “Greek Breakfast”

  We are really proud to announce the certification of the Civitel Olympic Hotel’s Breakfast. Civitel Olympic is now a member of the “Greek Breakfast” Program which is an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels which utilizes and connects the cultural – gastronomic wealth of the country with the Greek hotel business. It is a program designed by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels which has been in operation since 2010 and whose aim is to enrich the breakfast offered in Greek hotels with pure and unique Greek products as well as with traditional local dishes from every region of Greece.The aim of the “Greek Breakfast” program is to give Greek hotel guests the chance to know the gastronomic wealth of our country and taste at breakfast the innumerable Greek products and dishes which are at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet.  

  Breakfast buffet of Civitel Olympic includes a wide selection of dishes. There is fresh orange juice, grapefruit juice and mixed, filter coffee, instant coffee, Greek coffee, tea, fresh milk and yoghurt, full or light, and of course mineral water and water with gas. Every day guests will find fresh vegetables and olives, fresh fruit, fruit salad, fruit compote, cereals, dried fruit such as hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and dried fruit such as dates, plums and apricots. There is also a variety of bread rolls, loaves of bread, baguettes, bread for toast, vanilla, chocolate or fruit cake, home made apple pie, "bougatsa" and two types of cookies. Guests can also taste a selection of 3 types of marmalade, flower honey, 3 types of spoon sweets, tahini and hazelnut praline. As for sweets there is "ryzogalo" (rice pudding), creams, mastic cream, milk chocolate cream "mandolato", "pasteli" (sesame and honey paste) and "Florentines".  Also served are traditional pies such as pie with "myzithra" cheese, spinach pie and pie with wild herbs, eggs cooked in a variety of ways such as "strapatsada" (eggs and tomato), omelet, boiled or fried, with bacon or sausages, ham, turkey, salami and "feta" cheese.

  We should mention the "Cretan corner" of the buffet of the Civitel Olympia with Cretan "skaltsounia", pies from Sfakia or pies with fennel, "lychnarakia", mini "dakos" rusks, yoghurt pie, French toasts, cheese with honey and dried nuts. There is also "Healthy Breakfast" with a selection of whole wheat bread rolls, wheat rusks, anise biscuits and bread sticks, marmalade and low fat margarine, muesli with low fat milk or yoghurt, fresh fruit, cheeses and low fat cured meats. Breakfast for diabetic guests always includes gluten free bread, fructose marmalade, cakes with natural fibers, puffed rice cakes and omelet with egg whites.

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