May 26, 2015

A Day of Cretan Fun

 A Day of Cretan Fun

You wake up in the middle of your vacation in Crete, but you simply have no mood to go explore anymore. You’ve already been to Knossos Palace, the Archaeological Museum and around Town, so you just want to start relaxing and sleep through the day; it’s understandable and quite common actually! But we, at Creta Beach Hotel, have a better idea! Instead of staying in your room, watching satellite TV and maybe go for a quick swim in the pool, we suggest you have a fun day, right at the hotel, that will rejuvenate you, relax you and recharge your batteries!

May we suggest that you get out of bed, wear something comfy and leave yourself to us. Have you ever tried archery? Right here, at Creta Beach, you’ll be able to find out whether you’ve got a hidden Hawkeye or a Katniss Everdeen inside of you, aiming for the target. If you’re more of a normal person, like us, you can move on, after not hitting the center of the target even once, and try something a bit easier: Mini Golf! Already excited after archery, try to tame your Tiger Woods and get on par at our mini golf course. A perfect place to take selfies and pose to the camera having fun, the course is open all day, but we’d recommend avoiding it during noon and the early hours of the afternoon, due to the sun. Stop by the pool, to join the Aqua Fitness class or have a snack and head over for some table-tennis or normal tennis, if you feel more like it! There are ping-pong tables available that are under the shade and you can book the tennis court at our front-desk, or simply call us to arrange it for you! After all that exercise, it’s the perfect time to go change into your swimsuit and go for a dive at the sea or our pool!

After you’ve relaxed and maybe grabbed something to eat, you can try beachside volleyball, petanque, mini soccer or simply go for a run around the hotel premises. For later in the afternoon you can go for a game of darts with friends and enjoy a beer or two poking fun at each other, or you can watch, or even participate, in one of the many engaging shows at the outdoor amphitheater. Dance shows of Cretan Folk and International origin or lovely fun comedy nights will leave you feeling lighter, relaxed and more in touch with the Cretan Hospitality. End your day with a dinner at our main restaurant, by the pool and after tuking the children to bed, maybe have a cocktail or two at our relaxing lounge bar, enjoying the magnificent sea view from its open air terrace. Trust us, after a day of doing nothing and at the same time doing all these, you’ll feel like you’re ready to do anything!

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