Jun 23, 2015

Attiki Beaches

Athens is undoubtedly a very sunny place, with dozens of beautiful and sandy beaches around it, in the North, South, East and West, effectively rendering it an island! Well, Attiki isn’t an island, but it sure looks like one, during summer.

While the Greek capital is famous mostly for its long and splendid history, that left it with the Acropolis, the Panathenaic stadium, Hadrian’s Arc and many more monuments, few wonder what all those people who have lived in this blessed land did for holidays.

Thankfully Attiki’s beaches are here to quench our thirst for a cool dive, during a hot summer! The main beaches are located either by the coastal road that leads to Sounio, by the Eastern shore of Attiki, from the Marathon, all the way to cape Sounio, passing along the airport. Lastly, but not least, the North-West of Attiki has a small but beautiful; coastline on the Korinthian Gulf. 
From downtown Athens, one heads south and passes many well organized beaches. Alimos, probably the best place to be seen, but maybe not to enjoy a swim, is really crowded and offers choices for every budget. Moving further south one passes Glyfada beach and Kavouri. Both are sandy and serve as a quick summer escape for the Athenians who work in the summer. Vouliagmeni beach is an organized sandy seashore on the way to Sounio, from Athens and is considered one of the most popular in Greece. Varkiza is just a few miles after Vouliagmeni and it’s a small town with a sandy, organized and very popular beach. Cape Sounion, famous for its temple of Poseidon, has some golden sanded coves, offering secular beaches to enjoy your swim.

Moving from The beach of Oropos towards Sounio, you’ll find a few pebbled beaches, like Oropos and Marathon. Moving south, you’ll come across Schinias and Porto Rafti, more likely the favourites of northen suburbs Athenians. Both are well organized with sand, clean waters and many cafes and water-sports outlets around! Loutsa, is a famous sandy beach that is easily accessible with public transport and KTEL. On the way to Sounio you also pass Lagonissi, a resort where many Athenians have summer houses and Anavissos, that is well organized and developed, with many beach bars and resorts.

If you choose to head for a less touristy region, the pebbled beaches of Psatha and Porto Germeno on the Korinthian gulf will not disappoint. Crystal clear blue waters await to cool you off and while driving here, you’ll be able to explore a completely different face of Attiki, that seems hundreds of miles away from the buzzing, busy Athens center.

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