Jun 30, 2015

How to get the Summer Glow

At last summer is upon us and one of its wonders is the beautiful sun tan that everybody wishes to get and keep well into fall. But unfortunately going to the beach or sitting by our pool, sunbathing for hours is a sure recipe for disaster and not for a summer color -unless you count red skin rashes as such. In order to avoid such incidents below you will find some easy summer tips which will give you the “Summer Glow”! 

First and foremost, never forget your skin is a body organ, so you must treat it with respect. Understand that the more you expose it to the sun the faster it ages, and thus you should avoid unnecessary direct exposure especially without sunblock. Secondly you must hydrate all the time. Both water consumption and moisturizing lotions help, but you shouldn’t rely on either of them.

It is a general truth that people with fair skin are less tolerant of the effects of the sun, but even the darkest complexes, such as those from Africa for example, must take precautionary measures. One of these measures is to avoid tanning or any kind of exposure for what matters, between 11:00 -15:00. A second is sunscreen use, sunscreen lotions and sprays are vital and dermatologists all over the world insist that they should be used with SPF 20 or higher. Don’t forget to apply it on every part of your body, including ears, toes shoulders etc. Meanwhile it is essential to have in mind that for the facial area a specified sun-cream is recommended.

When you decide to start tanning, you better start with short term sunbathing sessions and gradually increase. Don't forget that during your first time you shouldn’t stay more than 20 minutes, unless the exposure is late in the afternoon or very early in the morning. Moreover the 20 minutes timeframe is also important to remember, as the answer to the “when should I reapply sunscreen?” question.

Don’t be fooled by the cool breeze next to the sea or by the pool, the sun is always there and most of the time sun-burns appear hours after sun exposure. Finally to help your skin, moisturize your body with a quality cream and continue the hydration after every tanning session.

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