Jul 23, 2015

The New Greek Souvenir

Gone are the days of tacky miniatures of Greek statues or replicas of ancient pottery that have no real use. Also time to say bye-bye to those small bottles of olive oil with herbs inside, supposed to look good in the kitchen; newsflash - they don’t! Getting a memento from Greece, or even worse, a gift for people that weren’t with you and have missed all the fun, is an extremely difficult task. Here are some clever ideas that will surely get noticed!

In various smaller or bigger shops around Athens you’ll find the “Athens Revisited” souvenirs. They’re created by the Greek designer firm “we design” which does exactly what it says in its title. Athens revisited offer a series of amazing memorabilia that poke fun to Greece, while honoring the country’s cultural contributions at the same time.

In a relatively small store, somewhere in Kolonaki, an undoubtedly creative mind designs for 10 years now, some of the most Athenian t-shirts one can find. If you’re looking for something that screams “Greece” for everyone who’s ever visited the country and fell in love with more than the pool, this is the store to visit. It also offers original pieces of art, as well as printed photographs of Athens that you can acquire and put on your wall. No wonder the shop’s name (Koukoutsi) translates into “seed”, as it’s a true seed of creativity!

Jewelery. It’s difficult to name just one store in Greece that makes great pieces of jewelry, however a walk down any main street in Greece will allow you to find some of the most elaborate, beautiful and inspired pieces of wearable art in the world. It seems that Greeks have always had an eye for luxury garments, a tradition that is still strong all over the country. 

Last but not least, two museums offer the best museum stores in Greece. Yes, of course you’ll find little status made of plaster, but leave plaster for when someone breaks their leg, not to place it on your mantlepiece. Benaki museum is a contemporary museum downtown Athens that hosts some of the most interesting exhibitions and has an excellent permanent collection. In its shop you'll find beautiful handmade things and pieces of art that you can take with you to remember Greece. The other museum, that you probably have or plan to visit, is the Acropolis museum. In its shop you’ll find very contemporary takes on ancient art and amazing souvenirs that go beyond the Parthenon’s golden age.

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