Aug 24, 2015

Late Summer in Greece

Summertime in Greece seems like a dream come true! The sandy beaches, the warm weather, the light sea breeze, the long strolls in ancient history. Only, sometimes reality begs to differ! Greece during July and early August tends to be very hot, with the temperature reaching for a few days even 40 degrees.

Moreover it's always a common truth that the dream of summer vacation in Greece is shared by millions of people every year, leading sometimes to crowded shores and packed restaurants, leaving you wanting more space! The best way to avoid all these is to book your trip to Greece in late summer!

The Mediterranean country has long and warm days even in Autumn, making it ideal to visit in late August and all through September. The latter month maintains the sweet summer feeling, but without the high temperature extremes. The average temperature in September is 23 degrees Celsius, less than one degree difference from August’s!

Late August and early September the crowds have left, with Greeks, slowly returning back to their urban living and tourists getting reluctantly back home country en masse. It is but a small elite who remain, those who seek to enjoy the best Greece has to offer, in the privacy and calm they deserve.

Last, but not least, since normal everyday life starts to begin in big towns and cities, it’s more likely to find an interesting ballet or theatre performance, a musical event that will be talked about or gallery and museum openings.

So why not book a trip to Greece for September? Crete is truly magical this time of year!

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