Sep 30, 2015

#Summer15 through the eyes of our guests!

What is summer about? Really who better to tell than those who enjoyed it the most; guests at our hotels, Civitel Attik, Civitel Olympic, Akali Hotel and Creta Beach!
For Mary summer is all about enjoying a refreshing drink with good company, after getting out of the pool!

For @oonasofia_r summer is all about discovering the local culture and visiting important sites!

Instead, @nadine.berge prefers to laze by the pool and work on some tanning!

Some, like @valentino_valio pass their summer, discovering small local stores and taverns, and never rest until they've visited all!

For @taishka17 summer is all about that simple and romantic moment, before sunset, when with his/her other half sharing some ice tea!

@Vivian_Celest Notices the bold, different colours of Summer, and how they almost take over everything, when you go on holidays!

But @verakako takes it a step further, highlighting that summer is all about the people you spend it with!

@anna_galari loves that early in the morning there is no one else by the pool, and she’s got it all by herself! That was worth it!

For @valentina_tsoutsi Summer is the time to catch the sun! (-you go girl!)

But what they all agree on is what @andrea_cian believes about summer: it’s the time to spread your wings and fly to other lands; set out, discover, explore, taste, fall in love and return back!

For us at Civitel Group of Hotels, summer is all about helping you live it to the fullest!

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