Nov 27, 2015

Christmas shopping in Athens!

Everybody knows Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, cities look cheerfully lit, people are joyful, street choirs sing carols, shop windows become extravagant and the weather is always about to begin to snow! However, it also means it’s presents season, time to show your loved-ones that you really care for them and find the perfect gift for them. This is no easy task, but thankfully Civitel can help you organise your shopping and fill Santa’s socks with the most amazing presents!

Start by making a list of all the people you want to buy a Christmas gift for. Take under consideration where will you be spending Christmas and boxing day, as well as with whom will you be with. Include family members whom you'll most likely meet during the holiday season and friends or colleagues you want to give something special to. Don’t forget friends people who live abroad, as they still want something to remind them of you, plus buy one extra for the always unexpected guest!

Having completed a list of all the people you’ll want to buy a present for, it’s time to write by the list, the gift you’re thinking of buying. For some it’s fairly easy, but others will trouble you. Avoid cliches (we’ll get back to them later), not because they don’t work, they always work, but you can do better than that! Browse their facebook and twitter pages to get inspired, they’ll most definitely have shared or liked something that will help you decide. Now for the unexpected guest, do buy a cliche, gender-neutral christmas-sy gift, that will get you out of a difficult spot.

Start with the bulk of the presents; either My Golden Hall or The Mall will cover for 80% at least of the presents you want to buy. It’s better to go early in december, before the prices take a “seasonal” hike and you’ll also have more options, and talking about options, it’s probably better to do your gift shopping in Athens or another big city. If you’re traveling to the capital from outside Athens, both Attik and Olympic are exceptionally close to the most famous shopping malls of Athens, helping you reduce the anxiety and time that comes with christmas shopping; however prefer to do it on a weekday, rather that on the weekend.

If you happen to not find a gift, either check whether you can find the specific gift online or maybe available on another store. Kifissia or downtown Athens are your best chances, both easily accessible from our hotels. But wait! There is one more very important gift you need to buy: yours! Either a product or a service (like a three day vacation in February), don’t forget to make yourself feel a bit better and get in the Christmas mood with a present you really want.