Dec 11, 2015

An Athenian Christmas

Come on all ye’ faithful, rejoice and feel cheery even if Christmas in Athens isn’t as white as you’d like them to be! While there may not be snow, everything in the Greek Capital screams “Merry Christmas”. Walking down on most streets you’ll be greeted with shops that are decorated for the season, streets sparkling with thousands of LEDs, main squares which have turned into gingerbread and cookie villages, Syntagma hosting a huge Boat of lights (many Greeks choose to decorate boats instead of trees) and “All I want for Christmas” being played on all radio stations.

Although it’s a sunny and fun Mediterranean country, Greece has deep religious roots in Christianity, thus celebrates the day accordingly, honoring its importance, miracle and warm spirit, but without always the coziness of the winter weather. Children run around the streets singing carols on Christmas’ Eve, as well as on New Year’s. It’s accustomed to give them some money, in a “trick-or-treat” way. You’ll also find many Greeks at the Church, singing byzantine hymns or watching one of the famous Greek Byzantine Choirs spreading joy to the attendees!

So if you’re spending the holidays in Athens, don’t pout, this is probably the most joyful time of the year! Go out for shopping, attend a Christmas eve party, visit a church, book your table for the Day of Christmas and crash a New Year’s Eve party! There are countless thing to do and attend! Athenians love to celebrate and have fun, so imagine how great this combination is!

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