Mar 22, 2016

Natural History Museum: A cell of nature’s heritage


Generally speaking, Greece comprises a wide and rich variety of museums each specialised in its own subject; history, art, wars, nature and many many more. Within the context of natural history and its preservation, the uprising suburb of Maroussi, where our Civitel Attik and Olympic hotels reside, hosts the museum of natural history which comprises a significant guardian of the natural heritage of the country and one of the biggest museums in in Greece in terms of variety of species and exhibit occupancy.

Founded in 1998, the museum features an amazing assortment of stuffed animals of the domestic and international fauna in species as mammals, birds, reptiles, seashells, insects and conches, offering high quality educational tours through the various sections of the museum tailor-made to all age ranges, as it provides different forms of presentations, exhibitions, lectures and outdoor tasks.

2013-11-11_01 mouseio_goulandri.jpg

The multidimensional goal of the museum is summed in four clear and inspiring statements: passing on the knowledge of natural life & existence, supporting the continuous scientific research of these areas, contributing to the protection and conservation of natural heritage and developing & establishing an environmental consciousness among people. All fundamental and all interwoven. In times that nature and ecosystems are not top priorities in the agendas of the policy makers around the globe, any type of knowledge and research cell regarding nature and its branches constitutes paradigms of meaningful action.

The museum of natural history is located only 10 minutes away from both Athenian branches of Civitel Hotels and comprise a must-see destination while your visit in Athens. No tickets are needed as the museum offers free admission fact that literally leaves you with no excuse in terms of including it in your expedition plans. You can visit the museum both in cognito and as a group that can be arranged by our concierge team in our hotels and every service is specialised to a different experience. If you go by yourself, a brand new automatic guided tour system will provide you with all the details you'll need during your visit, while group tours are more personalised regarding the age range, the potential knowledge background and the profession of the visitors.

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Not to be missed, the museum is ideal for children too, as they get to see and learn about all these different species they probably would never see otherwise through some very creative ways such as colorful and playful presentations, painting, playdough and clay creations and generally, informative and entertaining projects at the same time! 


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