Apr 8, 2016

Spring in the City


Spring is officially here! The chilly weather of the winter season past is gone for good, and the bold sunshine has brought Spring upon the city, with warm breezes and cool evenings. And Athens is beautiful during Spring time, perhaps at its best, as the heat is still mild, as temperatures are gradually climbing upwards in preparation for the Summer. The Orthodox Easter is drawing near, and there are plenty of things to do if you are visiting our city around this time. 

Get some culture-: Since it is not hot, but pleasantly warm, walking around the cobblestone centre of Athens is enchanting! Our centre is rich with culture, history and archeology - the perk of having centuries of civilisation to account for.


Central Athens is filled with ancient and historical treasures, fenced off amongst the residential areas of Plaka and Thiseio; these landmark areas are found at the foundations of the Acropolis and are the most picturesque, filled with people in the various cafes and tavernas, and vibrant with aromas, colours and sounds. Discover the ancient history amongst the streets!

You can also venture to the areas of Syntagma and Panepistimio for further exploration, as they are all in close proximity. 

- You can visit the National Library of Greece, adjacent to the Academy of Athens where you can find a thorough selection of Greek literature, science and philosophy. Immerse yourself in knowledge! 
Alternatively you can sit and read your favourite book at the entrance on its marble stairwell, and feel like a local!


At Syntagma you will find the the Benaki museum, which also temporarily hosts the Giannis Tsarouchis Foundation Museum collection as well as the very interesting exhibition ‘As One’, a collaboration by NEON and MAI (Marina Abramović Institute) running until 24th April. 

Don’t miss: Since Athens has been graced with the Acropolis museum, it has taken archeological appreciation to the next level, as, after so many years, the Greeks can finally proudly display all ancient artefacts in one place, at the foot of the ancient rock. 
Tip: If you decide to visit the Acropolis museum, make sure you have a couple of hours to spend as there are thousands of items on display. Also: The way the light reflects throughout the entire glass structure of the museum will leave you in utter awe!


Park Leisure -: 

Why not visit one of Athens’ largest parks? Located in Marousi close to Civitel Attik, the Alsos Syggrou is a good choice for a nice long walk amongst the trees if you are looking for a place where you are surrounded by nature in the city. 

- You can make a day of it: grab a packed lunch and have a picnic there! 

- Or if you feel the need for some exercise, the park is perfect for running and jogging, to get some perspiration going! 

The park also has an artificial lake and the entrance is free. It is also animal friendly so you can expect to see some dogs and their humans on play dates. In fact, Alsos Syggrou is paragon of environmental preservation; it is a non-profit organisation that is dependent on its volunteers, a.k.a “friends”, who are dedicated to maintaining a high standard for the park and for its visitors to enjoy. 


Shopping Therapy -:

With two contemporary shopping malls like Golden Hall and The Mall next to Civitel Attik and Civitel Olympic, don’t miss the opportunity to stop by, browse and shop! Golden Hall has more than 130 stores within, and also houses designer brands. Both have pampering services such as a nail salon and a hairdresser that you can enjoy as well as many quality food and beverage venues for you to choose from. 

So take your time, peruse the store windows for those ‘must-buy’ items, and take break for a delicious lunch or a high-energy coffee in between shopping! The Mall also houses Village cinemas so you can come back in the evening to watch a movie if you are a cinephile. 

Shopping in Athens city centre is also a good alternative as it has two main areas which you can explore: in Syntagma, for high street fashion (Ermou str.) and for haute-couture designer fashion in Kolonaki area, (Voukourestiou str).

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