May 17, 2016

Family holidays made easy

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At Creta Beach resort, we welcome family holidays as we can guarantee a carefree stay for both adults and children. Our unique Family Concept has been designed for this precise reason, to provide all our guests (however many years young or old) with the key to an unforgettable holiday: fulfilling experiences by facilitating your stay as much as possible. Here’s how we do it.

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Our physical landscape:

Creta beach is a resort that is ideal for a family escape; the landscape, being fairly flat, allows for the views of tremendous depth directly into the sea of the Ammoudara, at Heraklion gulf. Our one-level bungalows offer walk-out direct access to either our luscious garden (Superior Garden View) or the inviting sea (Waterfront View), providing a safe route for children who want to explore the environs of their parents’ accommodation. And more importantly, you can keep an eye on your kids from inside your room.
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Our resort is also eco-friendly in materials and practices as we are dedicated to maintaining an environmentally friendly accommodation complex that everyone can enjoy and be inspired by. As part of this eco-friendly ethos, our Creta beach is sustainably cleaned on a regular basis so all our guests can relax in a beautiful and pure setting. 

Activities and leisure for everyone:

At Creta Beach, we have something for everyone. Our grounds are brimming with courts and venues with numerous activities among which to choose from; some are perhaps strictly for adults, such as archery or dartboards, whereas others may be suitable for adults and children alike: tennis, table-tennis, ping-pong, mini-soccer, beach volleyball and watersports are all facilities here at Creta Beach waiting to provide hours of unending fun and frolic.
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Additionally, our resort also features an amphitheatre which frequently hosts skits and special happenings that are suitable for both adults and children - ask us about what we have planned! 

Kid specifics:

Our child-centered facilities will take parents’ mind off childcare, if only for a while. Creta Beach resort has a children designated swimming pool that is shallow and is a wet safe-haven for youngsters to splash around! 

The playground is safely enclosed and fitted with eco-friendly plastic playground equipment minimising the risks of injury.

Babysitters and trained professionals are available to supervise your young ones, freeing up parents’ time entirely.

Baby chairs are readily available for restaurant areas, whereas we have cots and cribs to accommodate your angels during the night.
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Family-friendly services and more: 

Our breakfast is served as early as 07.00 for the early risers and families that tend to take their first meal of the day bright and early! 

As children may tend to get restless in one place, and parents may have the desire to explore all of the beautiful locations of Crete, we recommend you try our Stay & Drive package. Combining staying with exploring, this package gives our guests the chance to drive around by renting a car at premium rates.
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So you can enjoy your stay at Creta Beach and experience the rest of Crete with your family; however, if you don’t feel like venturing out too far, our Creta Beach resort is close enough to the picturesque city centre, which is an excellent destination to check out the local scene and discover the Lion’s square and the primarily cobbled streets. 

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