Jun 17, 2016

Star-gazing in Athens: The Penteli Astronomical Station!

Very close to our Athens based hotels, Olympic and Attik, lies an astronomical treasure. At a distance of about 20 odd minutes, our guests can have a... galactic experience by visiting the Penteli Astronomical Station (PAS).

The Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications & Remote Sensing (IAASARS) has found a public home in two visitor centres, allowing visitors to enter a truly phantasmagoric cosmos of stars, planets and nebulas. 


Operating since 1995, the station at Penteli is housed at an elevated location on Koufos hill, giving it a particularly enchanting vantage point. The structure has been built using the famous Penteli marbles and features a 14m diameter dome, making it quite a grandiose structure. Inside, the station proudly boasts a 62.5cm Newall refractor telescope which was donated to the National Observatory of Athens in 1957. The dome and telescope have both been renovated in 2013 keeping them in top-notch condition for scientists’ research observations as well as visitors’ recreational star-gazing.

Photography credit: Theofanis N. Matsopoulos

For our business travellers especially, who are potentially busy with business meetings during normal working hours, an evening visit to the Penteli Astronomical Station will constitute a soothing, relaxing and leisurely activity. An educational alternative to watching a movie, the evening tours run typically 4 times per month, starting 8pm.

Tours will typically include an oral and video presentation, in Greek, plus star-gazing observations through the Newall telescope. The whole experience should take up to about 4 hours, with star-gazing being the culmination of the program, ending around midnight.

What better way to end your night than by filling your head with images that are... out-of-this world, and paint a cosmic panorama of intergalactic vastness in your mind?

If you are an English speaker only, you can arrange for the presentations to be done in English. This way you won’t miss out on any fact, ensuring you’ll get the ultimate astronomical experience. Contact the center prior to your arrival here to make the arrangement.

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