Jul 14, 2016

3 + 1 East Attica beaches to discover from Maroussi!

With Maroussi and the Civitel Olympic and Attik as a base, guests have the opportunity of getting to know some of the most popular beaches in the east Attica region. As the summer season is approaching a zenith, and although our Attik swimming pool is definitely the coolest spot in Athens town, you may have the urge to cool yourselves further away than our refreshing oasis, in a more natural setting.

The magnificent Aegean sea that wets the eastern mainland coast of Attica, gives life to numerous lacey shores that glisten under the Greek summer sun. We have chosen 3 well-known beaches that are located east of Athens, plus 1 which is a hidden treasure, known only to a handful of people. 

Following motorway 83 on the Attica road your directional purpose should be towards the east Attica region of Marathonas. Apart from a long coast, Marathonas is also home of the Marathon Lake and is also the birthplace of the legendary Marathon race that inspired current day Olympic Games.

1. Schinias beach
Your first point of call is the area of Schinias. It is quite common that areas and beaches will have the same name, so the coastal town of Schinias enjoys the eponymous beach which is known for its lovely waters, its beach bars and beach lounging facilities. A well organised beach with ample sunbeds and umbrellas, it is family friendly but also has a strong windsurf following due to its occasional strong winds. Schinias is a beautiful place to visit and there are other things to do to keep cool, such as: the National Park, an important coastal ecosystem, is full of pine forests that make the region cooler, literally, cooler in temperature, due to the natural evaporation. Did you know that trees can do that?

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2. Zoumperi beach
Further south from Schinias, you will find the relaxing beach of Zoumperi. Not your typical sandy beach, Zoumperi has a peculiar charm in that it features a rocky seashore that has in some cases created slabs or plateaus of rock that meet the sea at the shore. It is common knowledge that rocky and pebble beaches are cleaner than sandy beaches, due to their natural properties and although sea urchins are usually not welcomed by beach goers, seeing a sea urchin is nature’s guarantee of a perfectly clean sea. With a lively beach bar that often organises ethnic music parties and tasty cocktails, you will definitely enjoy your visit here.

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3. Loutsa beach
The third large beach is located even further south, at the area of Artemida. Loutsa is quite a crowded beach, so be prepared for a vibrant experience! A sandy beach that is fully equipped for welcoming a lot of guests over the weekends especially, it is also buzzing at night time filled with bars, and restaurants. Loutsa is a favourite among kitesurfers who absolutely love the just-perfect gusts of wind that sends them off into the air, hovering above for a few seconds before landing back on the waves. Got what it takes? You can find out by tying it and testing your limits!

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3 +1. Sesi beach
This is our hidden treasure that is located north of Marathonas town. Towards Grammatiko and then northeast towards the village Sesi, you will come across little bays and coves that are hardly on any map. Kalo Sesi, is a lovely stretch of pure, wild beachness. A mix of pebbles and round rocks, alluring crystal waters and shade offered by ancient trees. No beach bar, no watersports, no constant influx of people. Find the spot that inspires you to find your zen, but be sure to take some supplies as there are no comforts offered here. In the case that all the swimming worked up your appetite, you can pack some fresh fruit that will cool you down or you can opt to have a light traditional lunch in one of the seaside family tavernas.

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