Jul 21, 2016

Athens celebrates mid-summer with open air cinemas!

A warm summer night, a much desired breeze, the scent of jasmine blossoms, a sky full of stars and an outdoor silver screen; this is how Athenians choose to spend some of their mid-summer nights.
Athens enjoys splendid weather so the city would remiss in not providing for several outdoor, open-air cinemas that are one of the locals favourite pastime.

A grown-ups cinematic paradise, it is actually the adults that will mostly enjoy the facilities of open-air cinemas. Offering more freedom of choice, the open-air cinemas have a table every few seats, for greater comfort. Additionally, the discrete essence of nightshade and honeysuckle, the fresh distinct smell of buttered popcorn, the ambient environs and the carefree sense of nonchalance will start to bring back memories from childhood.

We have selected 4 open-air cinemas that are in close proximity to our Civitel Olympic and Attik and a plus 1 landmark in downtown Athens. The cinephiles among you will be thrilled to experience a movie viewing in such ambient surroundings, and you can accompany your evening of entertainment with gorgeous views, a chilled beer, hot dogs or souvlaki as well as melt-in-the-mouth ice-cream instead of the usual, boring snacks and treats.

1) Cinema Anesis, 14 Kifisias Ave, Ampelokipoi
Tel: 210 7788778

About 12 minutes down Kifisias Ave. is the historical and state-of-the-art open air cinemas in the city. An impressive venue, it is perched on the rooftop of the building and truly embodies the ...civic summer vibe. It is lavished with modern comforts throughout. The sophisticatedly minimal surroundings feature relaxing seating such as 2 seater sofas, and even sunbeds that make this cinema stand apart from the rest. With a well stocked bar, you can watch a blockbuster while sipping on a delicious cocktail.

Photo credit @ costasgounaris (Instagram)

2) Cine Filothei, 1 Drosopoulou Sq., Filothei
Tel: 210 6833398

Located only 7 minutes away, amidst lush greenery and verdant surroundings, is the Cine Filothei. Directors chairs lined up in front of the screen offer comfortable seating while special attention has been paid to achieving a high quality surround sound. Skip dinner and enjoy tasty hot dogs instead as they are legendary in this place. Carrying a wide range of beer labels, and a barman ready to make your cocktail of choice, it also serves authentic gelato ice cream to cover the sweet tooths among you as well. It is recommended you take a light cardigan as the trees and plants make the area significantly cooler.

3) Cinema Mimis Fotopoulos, Ag. Konstantinou 42, Marousi
Tel: 210 6198890

Located in our back neighbourhood, the iconic open-air cinema named after the famous Greek actor of the 1960’s, Mimis Fotopoulos. You can reach this lovely venue within 5 minutes via car. Celebrating the lifeworks of the actor, the venue’s walls showcase moments of Fotopoulos’ great and long career. And keeping up with traditions, here you’ll find souvlaki being served hot as well for a genuinely Greek experience.

4) Athina Piscines Ideales, 18 Solomou Str, Chalandri Square.
Tel: 210 685586

A cinema that resembles your...own outdoor living room, with a cozy, familiar atmosphere that will make you feel at complete ease. Fitted with sofa chairs, pillow seats, and decorated with household items and throws to give it an even further homey ambience, it is definitely a must see, for a quiet evening out but also ..in! It plays foreign films as well so a good choice for the cinephiles,and it is not far from our base.

Plus 1) Cine Paris, 22 Kydathinon, Plaka
Tel: 210 3222071

@george.fotis (instagram)

A cinematic landmark of Athens, located on a preferential position at the foot of the Acropolis in Plaka. It will be almost a... task to focus on the movie with such a mesmerising view of the Acropolis. A popular spot not only for locals but for tourists as well, if you feel like going the extra mile and visiting the center in the evening, then Cine Paris which has been in operation for 90 years, will definitely amaze you with its cosmopolitan character. 

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