Aug 4, 2016

Athens and Epidavros Festival 2016 Theatre shows

Summer is now in it’s peak as the month of August is upon us, bringing with it warm temperatures, some meltemia winds and an influx in travellers, the majority of which seeking to  move on to the cooler, coastal island destinations. However, Athens during August can exhilarating, certainly entertainment wise!

The Athens and Epidavros Festival of 2016 is in its final month, and has saved the best for last. 

Two of the most famous ancient Greek comedies of the renowned playwright Aristophanes are making their debut at the ancient and atmospheric theatre of Epidavros, with English surtitles. 

The 'Lysistrata' show summer 2016.

‘Lysistrata’ on 5th and 6th of August, which is about how one woman, Lysistrata, devised an ingenious plan to end the Peloponnesian war, by expertly persuading the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges in return for peace.  

Greek actor Aris Servetalis in 'The Birds' show summer 2016.
‘The Birds’ on 19th and 20th August, which is simply unmissable for the fact that it has been characterised across centuries as a ‘perfectly realised fantasy’. The story is about two men who convince the birds of the world to create their own city in the sky, and ultimately intercepting all communications between the Gods and men. 

The famous Epidavros theatre is a typical ancient open air theatre which has been considered a paragon in terms of acoustics and aesthetics for centuries. It is located approximately an hour and a half from Athens, and you can get a head start by staying at Civitel Olympic or Civitel Attik in Marousi. The shows begin at 21.00 and advanced booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

The famous ancient open-air theatre, Epidavros.
Don’t feel like driving? We can arrange a limo chauffeur service at your request guaranteeing you will get there well in time, in absolute comfort and style. Does ancient Greek theatre sound a bit ... heavy? Since both are comedies, they are easy for the viewer, promising laughs and some food for thought. 

However, if you are not in the mood for theatre or making the journey to Epidavros,  why not try the open-air cinemas close to our hotels for a quicker ‘entertainment’ fix during the lazy Athenian summer nights of August? 

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